Michael Christman is a business expert, thought leader, and organizational consultant. Making his mark early in life as an entrepreneur, Michael went from garage to the boardroom – and his journey provides a lifetime of colorful lessons that are the foundation of his teaching. Now, he helps leaders like you build better businesses, improve teams, solve problems, increase profits, boost productivity & reduce stress.
Michael excels in mentoring leaders in business and life strategies. His decades of experience give him a keen ability to see through the noise and flush out relevant issues, but his greatest victory is when his clients achieve abundance and fulfillment. Today he lives in Austin TX with wife Kimberly, daughter Jillian, Lucky the dog, and Bali the wonder horse.



Michael has proven to be extremely valuable to me in the creation and implementation of an executable business strategy. He helped me develop this strategy with patience, perseverance and the understanding that the plan must be doable and measurable.

Michael asks good questions – and in turn is a great listener. He is a great guy with a terrific sense of humor. He is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. He went above and beyond and has done everything possible to ensure a positive outcome from this experience.

Ben Wilson, WealthTrust Arizona

I have personally witnessed Michael’s success over the past 16 years, managing change in a large company and growing sales in an organized and profitable manner. Michael brings creative leadership qualities that make anyone he touches yearn to follow and strive to succeed. Don’t take too long to think about engaging him for rapid awareness training, positive feedback and actual direction on improving your business. Subsequent results will create the incentive to come back for more.

Gene Orlick, Orlicks Inc.

Michael has the unique ability to guide you and your company to where you want to be while developing you and your people to achieve beyond what you think is possible. He balances optimism and results-focus and is will grounded in resolving everyday challenges while staying focused on the end game.

If you are looking for someone who cares deeply about improving performance, Michael is the person you want. He makes everyone around him better. 

Jeff Allen, Lifetouch NSS

Michael’s balance wheel exercise was the most powerful piece for me. It detailed how I currently spend my time and where it was misaligned with how I want to live and what we want to accomplish.

We worked toward specified plan  to achieve the business objectives and the family, personal and spiritual objectives working in harmony. As a family, we’ve made a few changes that have already added value. As a result of balance, I expect to exceed business goals.

Tom Stone, Stone Properties

Michael is able to see a broad view of things – he’s a global thinker: when I found myself mired in the daily muck, Michael could bring things into perspective and guide me to reprioritize.

The beauty of it is that he truly guides – he doesn’t take over. People who work with him feel empowered because they have ownership feel empowered because they have ownership of what they are doing. Michael is comfortable in “the change zone”  and I think that’s why he’s so good at helping others to better themselves.

Claire Smith, Lifetouch Arizona


Get Direction,Clear Vision, and a Specific Roadmap to Get You There.

Accomplishment and balance are not impossible – they’re just PERSONAL. The simple secret is that it’s about having the RIGHT goals, a specific roadmap to get there, and someone to walk with you through your plan.

• Coaching sessions customized to your goals, needs, and industry
• A big-picture vision that refreshes & excites you
• Clearly defined goals in EVERY area of your life
• A step-by-step action plan & process to reach your goals
• A blueprint goal-setting system to take with you to apply to any area of life
• Private & Confidential – I will never share your information
• Objective 3rd party input